About Me

Hi I’m Jules and welcome to Scrumptious Bambino!

I Live in South Wales with my husband Jack, our one year old son Reuben and our gorgeous little cavachon, Doug.

I decided to start writing this food blog after a few friends of mine kept mentioning that I should share the things that I was cooking for my son and us with a wider audience, so that’s what I did! I absolutely love to cook, It lifts my soul and is a form of escapism from the stress and madness of daily life. I’m a complete recipe book addict, I love testing out new recipes but I’m also a dedicated classic food fan. There really is no replacement for a good old Spag Bol or casserole. I will bring you a mixture of my own recipes, new ones that I have tried out and also old classics that you just cannot beat.

When I was pregnant with Reuben my interest in healthy eating really started developing. We generally ate healthily, but I wasn’t as interested and dedicated to it as I am now. In the first 12 weeks, it was so hard because all I fancied was ‘beige food’ and I eventually gave up and ate whatever, whenever! I like to think I made up for it in the last few months. I now eat healthy, whole and homemade food about 90% of the time. There are a few slices of cake and glasses of wine thrown in, because let’s be honest, we all need a treat sometimes!

My hope is that other Mums and Dads will find this blog gives them inspiration to try different and healthy things with their children. I firmly believe that there is no such thing as children’s food, just food we choose to give them. When did we start thinking that it was the norm to go into restaurants and feed out kids burger, chips and beans? I want to empower you to take your family’s health into your own hands and make healthier choices, one step at a time. You will be surprised at what your little ones will try as long as you start them early enough. Offer them exciting, full of flavour and healthy foods from 6 months and I am certain you will be creating super little eaters with a taste for delicious, healthy food for the rest of their life.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, as much as I do writing it!

Jules x